Aug 05

On this day, 

1️⃣ Work Like a Dog Day: This day is devoted to any or all the individuals who work very hard and put more efforts than regular employees. Such people are awfully productive.


During our research, we didn’t find how and when this celebration begins. However, as the name suggests, we can make a decent guess on why this celebration began. Those individuals who putting all their efforts deserves praise and recognition and hence, an extraordinary day called "Work Like a Dog Day" is dedicated exclusively for them.

5 ways to celebrate:

1. Put an extra hour at work, business

2. Watch videos of working dogs

3. Learn about the training of dogs

4. Make a video of yours when you are at work

5. Appreciate hard working people


2️⃣National Oyster Day: Oysters are enjoyed as a seafood throughout the world. Some species of oysters are generally eaten, either cooked or raw, as a delicacy.


The history of human’s relationship with oysters is extremely long, since Roman times there is proof of individual within UK and France who are farming oysters. Did you recognize there are over 100 unique species of oysters? The world loves oysters! We consume nearly 2 billion pounds of oysters annually around the world. Only one out of every 10,000 oysters form a shell.

5 ways to celebrate:

1. Watch documentary

2. Explore the water species

3. Try different recipes

4. Read on social media

5. Treat someone