Aug 14

On this day, 

1️⃣ National Creamsicle Day: "Creamsicle" is the brand name of a frozen yogurt treat. It comprises of vanilla frozen yogurt with round edges and a fruity ice covering. While numerous different flavors currently exist, the first flavor was orange.


A 11-year-old Frank Epperson developed the first popsicle in 1905. On night, when he mixed up a powdered pop or soda, he left the thing with that thing with stick in it. Temperature dropped curiously low that night and the following morning, Epperson found the fluid solidified on the stick. He named the creation the Epsicle. At some point later, he changed the name to Popsicle.

5 ways to celebrate:

  1. Treat everyone in your family with an ice cream

  2. Make your own ice cream at home

  3. Maybe it’s time to mix multiple flavor and try out

  4. Try out delicious ice cream snacks

  5. Search on google about different recipes