Aug 17

On this day, 

1️⃣ Thrift Shop Day: It is a perfect day off for those who like a good bargain and are a fan of old, vintage items. During this day, local retailers offer heavy discount and offer lots of items for sale.


Thrift shops existed on the planet since long time. It was started with clothing; however, it included furnishings, housewares, and even toys.

5 ways to celebrate:

  1. Visit a thrift shop

  2. Perfect time to buy cheap cloths

  3. Change your looks on a budget

  4. Click and post on social media

  5. Swap items with cloths you found in shop


2️⃣ Black Cat Appreciation Day: The day to remember black cat who have been given unfavorable criticism throughout everyday life. It’s the time to dismiss all myths surrounding black cats. In UK and Japan, black cata are viewed as good karma.


It was a man named Wayne H. Morris who made the occasion. He did it to respect his late sister named June who died at 33 years old. June was a sweet young lady who particularly adored her own black cat. Morris picked this day in respect June's passing and incredible bond she imparted to her cat.

5 myths or misconception:

  1. Black cats are unfortunate

  2. All cats hate water

  3. If you want a loving pet get a dog

  4. Cats spread plague

  5. Cats are risky to pregnant women