Aug 20

On this day, 

1️⃣ World Mosquito Day: Wondering why we have a World Mosquito Day when such species are responsible for the transmission of maria and dengue. Well, that is why this day is about; to aware society of the sicknesses and the effects brought about by a female mosquito named Anopheles.


World Mosquito Day was established in 1897; when the connection between people, sickness, and mosquitoes was found by Sir Ronald Ross. Every day 450K people die of malaria and roughly 220M cases reported every year. Many individuals don't understand exactly how critical the issue is, particularly those that live in regions that are not in danger.

5 common myths about mosquitoes:

  1. Male and female mosquitoes both nibble humans

  2. Mosquitoes incline towards certain blood types

  3. Individuals with light complexion are bound to be bitten

  4. All mosquitoes carry illness

  5. Mosquitoes will bite individuals regardless of their size


2️⃣ Sadbhavana Diwas: Former PM Rajiv Gandhi's birthday is well known on Aug 20 as Sadbhavana Day. He did many things for the event of the country, his government had only one aim, that individuals of all caste religions of the country should love one another, have a decent feeling for each other.


On Sadbhavna Diwas, all the citizens take the pledge. This pledge is taken at the function of the Congress party. It is said that each citizen, no matter caste, religion, region and language, will put humanity above all and love one another like himself. Also, while protecting the Constitution of India, it will strive to reduce the distance between all religions.


3️⃣ Indian Akshay Urja Day: It is an awareness campaign about the importance of sustainable power sources in India. The first event was held at New Delhi in 2004.


Renewable Energy Day or Indian Akshay Urja Day was built up in 2004, the Prime Minister delivered a memorial stamp, and 12,000 school children made a human chain to promote sustainable power sources. Later, such event was began in Nagpur, Hyderabad, Panchkula, Haryana.

5 ways to celebrate:

  1. Conserve water at home

  2. Plant trees to prevent soil erosion

  3. Use energy-saving fluorescent lights

  4. Recycling of waste

  5. Make use of electronic mails