Aug 23

On this day, 

1️⃣ Hug Your Sweetheart Day: It is about holding someone special – your darling – in your arms and showing your affection for them.


Almost every culture has one or another way to connect without using language. Hugs have generally been given in numerous situations: as a welcome or farewell, for compassion or congrats, and for appreciation, assistance, and affection. "Hug" appears to have originated from "hugga," which means “to comfort." The word "Hug" was first used in 1610.

5 benefits of hugs:

  1. Hugs reduce stress by showing your support

  2. Hugs may boost your heart wellbeing

  3. Hugs can make you more joyful

  4. Hugs help reduce feeling of fear

  5. Hugs assist you communicate with others


2️⃣ Ride Like the Wind Day: During this day, people are urged to ride like the wind. The name of this day took from an English phrase "run like the wind" which intends to run incredibly fast.


The origin of the day started back as when human controlled flights were first invented. Human controlled flights are those machines that require human muscle power to run. Actual human controlled flight that was effectively take-off and flying for some distance occurred in 1961. “Ride like the wind” can be refer to the act of getting things done without any reason.

5 ways to celebrate:

  1. Learn about the human controlled flight

  2. Take flying lessons

  3. Take a bike out for a spin to feel the wind in your face and hair

  4. Plan paper airplane contest

  5. Flying a kite