Aug 27

On this day, 

1️⃣ Just Because Day: It is a day when people get things done without thinking why they are doing them. It is a day to do irregular things, and not follow the standard logic that makes us do them.


Joseph J. Goodwin made Just Because Day In the last 1950s,. It started as a family occasion and developed into a yearly occasion. We do things on daily basis, which is normal or expected. Once in a while, we even do things that are needed without any reason why?

5 things to do just because:

  1. Singing in a car or while taking a shower

  2. Take a day off from work

  3. Surprise somebody with a flower

  4. Buy some outfit just because

  5. Or might be, do something just because your grandmother said so


2️⃣ Thoughtful Thursday: Consistently been celebrated every year on the last Thursday of August. It is an opportunity to be aware of others—at home, work, or in public—and understand their concerns, and needs which we might not known to us.

5 ways to celebrate:

  1. Don’t wait for a holiday to cook your family favorite food

  2. Make a call to friend who expects a little conversation

  3. Hold the door for someone

  4. Send a little note when someone is depressed

  5. Don’t forget to say things like please, thank you or excuse me