Aug 29

On this day, 

1️⃣ National Sports Day: It is praised on August 29 once a year to respect the hockey legend, Major Dhyan Chand. The Indian govt. has chosen to celebrate his birthday as the National Sports Day since 2012.


Dhyan Chand Singh joined the military at an early age and learned the sport of hockey from his mentor. Soon, he became the captain of Indian Hockey team. During his game profession, he has won 3 Olympic medals and till date, he is the only hockey player who has won Padma Bhushan award.

Fit India Movement: 

On the event of National Sports Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the 'Fit India Campaign'. It is a nationwide campaign to urge people to include physical activity and sports in their regular day to day life.


2️⃣ International Day Against Nuclear Tests: The objective of this day is to bring issues to light about the negative impacts of atomic weapons; also, a step towards a world free from atomic weapons.


The International Day Against Nuclear Tests was pronounced by the UN General Assembly on Dec 02, 2009, with the adoption of resolution 64/35. The day serves to educate people about the need to boycott atomic weapon tests to guarantee world security.

5 ways to celebrate:

  1. Watch a film about natural disasters

  2. Read a book about atomic issues

  3. Donate to charitable foundation

  4. Watch recorded webcast for UN resolution

  5. Spread awareness via online media