Planet Of Health


September 01, 2022 – September 30, 2022

The winners are chosen on the basis of originality, technical expertise and the emergence of a personal vision or voice.

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About the Event

Student Art & Craft Competition for children with a certificate for free without registration fee. HG Art & Craft Competition for preschoolers and schoolchildren - this is a place where everyone can showcase their fantasies, hobbies, and disclosure of young talents. Competition for children is held online with digital rewards.

☆ Name Of The Contest ☆

Planet Of Health

☆ Price ☆

☆ In This Theme ☆

One of the main objective of this art competition is to educate children about healthy habits and enable them to learn more about active lifestyles through their artwork. Express your creative ideas with a colorful drawing titled "Planet of Health".


☆ Period Of The Competition ☆

September 01, 2022 – September 30, 2022

☆ Last Date For Submission ☆

September 20, 2022

☆ Age Categories For All Nominations Of The Competition ☆

No age limit. Anyone is invited to participate in this contest🧑‍🎨

☆ Layout Of Painting ☆

The drawing/ painting/ craft may be vertical or horizontal

☆ Size Of The Painting ☆

A3, A4

☆ Number Of Paintings ☆

Maximum (3) 🖼️🖼️🖼️

☆ Use Of Medium or Color ☆

Any material or color🎨as long as the final art is made by hand🙌

☆ Signature Of The Artist ☆

There should be contestant name📛and age on any corner of the drawing, painting or craft

☆ Criteria For Evaluation ☆

📝 Quality and design
📝 Creativity and originality
📝 Hidden message (if any)
📝 Skills used while making the art

☆ Rewards/ Certificates ☆

Certificate of🏆Honor for all participants of the competition as well as Letter of Thanks will be issued for ‍👧children🧒, teachers👩‍🏫, and parents‍👩.

☆ Winners ☆

✔️ Certificate of Participation
✔️ Your artwork will be displayed on the official website
✔️ Dedicated web page will be created for you where all your artwork will be the showcase
✔️ Online promotion of your artwork within HG network

☆ How To Participate? ☆

Simply send us your craftwork via 📧: