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Can Animals Laugh

Can Animals Laugh

Humans are not the only animals with a sense of humor, primates can express good humor and laughter when tickled. Despite the fact, many types of noise are characteristic of fun, social contact, and play, and some researchers believe that these sounds are the closest to human laughter.

You can make a person laugh with a good joke, but what about animals? It is unlikely that cats or even monkeys have their jokes that they could tell each other. You can only make animals laugh by tickling them in the right places.

The scientists found that 65% of the animals laugh while playing, most of the mammals, but some birds also show humorous laughter. Chimpanzees and dogs with positive emotions make sounds very similar to human laughter.

Animal laughter can help understand the origin of human laughter. People laugh loudly for the whole group to hear them, but most animals laugh quietly enough to be audible only to one playing partner. The area responsible for laughter is located in the "ancient" part of the brain, and its general structure is similar in animals and humans.