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Can Glossy Magazines Be Recycled

Can Glossy Magazines Be Recycled

If you care about the environment, think about waste disposal. This also applies to glossy magazines. These items will eventually be recycled to make a variety of other products. Paper makes up most of the trash on the planet. Despite the growth in the number of electronic media, the problem with paper media does not go away.

A common misconception is that glossy paper cannot be recycled. Thanks to modern technology, many recycling programs allow old prints to be accepted for recycling. The paper used to make magazines is sanded and glossy to give it a beautiful look. It is also covered with a layer of white clay to make the color images look shiny. In this case, the structure of the paper is not contaminated. Today, more than 40% of this material is recycled.

The process of recycling magazines is the same as the process of recycling any other form of paper. When your magazine arrives at the recycling factory, it is labeled as blending paper. Magazine catalogs, telephone books, and glossy paper covers can also be recycled in the blue bin.

Old magazines are used to make newspapers, food paper, and cardboard. Recycling just a ton of paper can save energy, which is enough for an average home for half a year. So, recycling old, unwanted magazines to preserve trees and limit landfill waste.