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Do You Yawn Because Of Lack Of Oxygen

Do You Yawn Because Of Lack Of Oxygen

We all yawn from time to time and we all know what yawning is, but why are we yawning? Many people consider yawning to be a completely harmless and even beneficial reflex: when a person yawns, his muscles relax, and his brain is saturated with oxygen.

A person yawns for several reasons. We yawn when we go to sleep, wake up or pop our ears when travelling at high altitudes. The weirdest thing is when we see someone else yawning while yawning ourselves.

So, the question arises,
• When we see someone yawning, do we yawn in response?
• When someone talks about yawning, what is the reason for our yawning?
• When we read about it or see it as a reaction, why do we take yawning instead of listening to someone yawning?

Most often, we want to yawn when are bored, our breathing slows down, so we absorb less oxygen, and then our body triggers a yawn that helps us breathe more. If we don't breathe as much as we would like in the middle of the night, yawning is supposed to help bring oxygen into our blood.

Yawning seems to be most strongly and consistently associated with a person's tiredness and lack of sleep. When we yawn and stretch our whole body at the same time, it feels so much more satisfying to yawn.

A final theory on the cause of yawning is that it helps calm the hot brain. Yawning is not something we see while playing or playing in the sun. Physically, deep breaths and open mouths may slightly cool the brain, but the evidence that this is a real cause of yawning is not convinced. In fact, you must have yawned at least once while reading this article.