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Does Coffee Really Help Relieve Headaches

Does Coffee Really Help Relieve Headaches

The headache comes on suddenly and can ruin plans for the day. Some people try to cope with an unpleasant symptom with a cup of coffee. But does this method help?

For some, coffee helps to cope with a headache, while for others, on the contrary, it causes headaches. Often (but not always) pain occurs due to vasodilation. Caffeine helps in this case, as it has a vasoconstrictor effect. A cup of coffee (or tea, which also contains caffeine) can relieve the condition. However, drinking too much coffee can cause headaches.

Headaches are of two categories: primary and secondary. The most common among the primary are migraines, pain from tension, bundle pain. Secondary pains are called if a person has systemic diseases, the brain, face, neck are affected.

With low blood pressure, coffee can make you feel better because caffeine activates dopamine, adrenaline receptors.

The effect of a morning cup of coffee is the same. If a person feels overwhelmed after waking up, coffee can help improve their well-being. This is because, by speeding up the heartbeat, coffee improves the blood outflow from the brain and normalizes blood pressure.

Caffeine works differently for everyone. Coffee is not a substitute for headache therapy. In any case, you shouldn't drink more than four cups a day. If the headache occurs frequently, the intensity of the pain increases, consult a specialist.