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How Talking Over Phone Is More Comfortable Than A Video Call

How Talking Over Phone Is More Comfortable Than A Video Call

Texting is beneficial to get in touch with the other person without calling them or interrupting their day.
There is nothing better than personal communication, but if we compare phone calls with video calls, the former is more comfortable for us. Why?

During the year of the pandemic, we have realized something: there is nothing better than personal communication. Microsoft TEAMS, Google Meet are good alternatives to conferences, face-to-face meetings, but this tool is not as comfortable as regular phone calls to communicate with friends.

It is difficult to convey our true feelings through written words or emojis, but a phone call can show how we feel, and our voice, even from a distance, can make a big difference in communication. In many situations in which video is not required and it is more productive for us to communicate via a simple phone call.

The more complex the technology, the less it satisfies our need for communication. A simple phone call is associated with reduced stress, loneliness, and difficulty in social interaction, while video chat does just the opposite. Perhaps this is because when talking on the phone, we are less shy and can talk to each other without evaluating our looks and facial expressions.