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Is It Harmful To Read Lying Down

Is It Harmful To Read Lying Down

The eyes are a unique complex organ that ensures our daily interaction with the world around us. Can lying reading spoil your eyesight or in general somehow affect your eyes?

Using your smartphone when lying down can cause physical discomfort. If this is not enough, you can also use your smartphone in bed to damage your eyes, leading to temporary blindness. If you read while sitting down, the eyes focus at a less than the optimal angle which can lead to severe eye strain if viewed for a longer period. This strain occurs when reading in a supine position, not only in the eyeballs.

Even as children, we heard from our parents: Don't read while lying down, you will spoil your eyesight. There is no exact information about any harm to the eyes but it can affect vision. The optimal distance to prevent visual fatigue is 30–40 centimeters from the object and the optimal viewing angle for reading is 60 degrees.

In a flat position, it is difficult to follow these producers that may put unnecessary pressure on the eye muscles. Therefore, it is important to limit the time you spend lying down reading. Lighting also affects the condition of the eyes. If you are reading from a smartphone or e-book, turn on "night mode" whenever possible.