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Is It Kindergarden or Kindergarten

Is It Kindergarden or Kindergarten

Well, a huge number of people spell it Kindergarden, which isn’t right. The correct spelling is Kindergarten. You will be surprised to look at the number of people who misspelled Kindergarten as Kindergarden is 72%. Well, each secret has a story behind it.

Anyone who suspects that the word kindergarten is of German origin is correct. Friedrich Froebel, a German educator, founded a school in 1837 and later in 1840 he renamed the school Kindergarten, which translates as "garden for children". In his statement, he compared “children to little flowers”.

The Kindergarten leads to the first school, where they begin to absorb their knowledge with crayons at snack time. The term "Kindergarten" is used around the world to describe a variety of different facilities for the development of children aged 3 to 6 years, depending on the country.

Since every parent or family has to carry out their profession, preschools provide a reliable framework to ensure that children's growth is not hampered by the absence of parents.

The Kindergarten is a time in which the child learns a lot of new things, participates in activities and expands the general knowledge. As soon as the child goes to preschool, a kind of mild routine is introduced into the life of the children, which stays with them and helps them until they go to the school.

Kindergartens have great importance to children in terms of early education. It serves as a second home for the children. The children are raised with great love and care.

Finally, I should say, it is quite easy to spot the misspelled Kindergarden (like the MS word is telling me something is wrong).