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Is The Wax Coating On Apples Harmful

Is The Wax Coating On Apples Harmful

There is a lot of controversy about the use of fruit wax and the consumption of wax-coated fruits, which puts us in a total dilemma. Wax-coated fruits ripen more slowly because they act as a barrier against environmental gases and water vapor.

Apples are covered with wax for several reasons:
◙ preservation to reduce water loss,
◙ prolong life, and
◙ to increase visual freshness.

The next time you buy an apple, it's worth finding out how much wax is coated. Check with your grocer what kind of wax is used on fruits and vegetables. Edible wax coatings are FSSAI approved and can be added externally to increase their durability.

Apples are coated with shellac or carnauba wax to give shine and enhance their appearance. Before they are picked, farmers wash the apples to remove dirt and leaf litter. When consuming waxed fruits, there is no need to worry, as they are indigestible by humans. The waxes just pass through our stomach systems untouched.

However, it is recommended to clean it by dipping it in lukewarm water or in pure white vinegar until you see the wax layer dissolve and the shiny outer layer fade. Rinse, dry with a paper towel or remove excess moisture with a salad spinner.