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What Do Camels Store In Humps

What Do Camels Store In Humps

The camel is a very hardy animal and is able to withstand any unfavorable conditions of the desert, even a lack of water. Many believe that they have this ability only because of the humps in which the water is, but that is simply not true. They store fat on the humps on their backs, allowing them to cross the desert during the day when food is scarce.

Camels have an exceptional ability to tolerate water loss and dehydration. They can lose 30 to 40 percent of their body weight without water when walking in the desert sun.

Camels can drink up to 32 gallons of water in less than 15 minutes. Camels can survive for weeks without drinking water and several months without food.

The whole body helps the camel to get the missing moisture in the desert. In hot weather, camels almost do not evaporate moisture. It was the hump that regulated the camel's body temperature.

Also, the kidneys of a camel are capable of distilling urine several times, extracting all the necessary substances from it, and make camel help to survive and retain the necessary moisture.