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What Happens If You Breathe Pure Oxygen

What Happens If You Breathe Pure Oxygen

When pure oxygen is inhaled, after a few minutes, the head begins to spin, nausea occurs. Inhaling pure oxygen for a few days can cause life-threatening lung damage five times higher than normal exposure.
The toxicity of the central nervous system is caused by short exposure to high partial oxygen pressure (greater than atmospheric pressure).

The air you breathe has 16.4% oxygen and the rest carbon dioxide. When oxygen is inhaled, the air that enters the lungs goes directly into the blood which in turn transports it to every cell in the body where it is used in chemical reactions to give the energy that keeps you alive.

Air provides enough oxygen to support fuels such as wood, gasoline, methane, and coal. This does not mean that pure oxygen is not useful, but normal air. Astronauts and deep-sea divers inhale pure oxygen because they work in dangerous places. How long they inhale pure oxygen and how much they breathe can be controlled so that they do not harm them.

The Earth's atmosphere is dynamic and complex, a mixture of several gases, including oxygen used by animals and carbon dioxide used by plants. Oxygen-breathing organisms evolved to breathe in a mixed gas environment, and pure oxygen is toxic to healthy people.