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Where Does The Color Of Fireworks Come From

Where Does The Color Of Fireworks Come From

In modern fireworks, as well as many years ago, black powder continues to be used. It serves as the main explosive and propellant. However, the bright and colorful sparks of fireworks that delight everyone are not due to gun powder only. Other chemicals are also part of the pyrotechnics, creating the effects of multi-colored "splashes" and various noises.

The Chinese were the first to learn to give different colors to fireworks. Since then, technology has remained largely unchanged. The light with the shortest wavelength is perceived by humans as violet, and light with the longest wavelength as red. When light spreads across the entire visible spectrum, it is perceived as white. And if the light radiation spreads within a narrow band, its color corresponds to a certain part of the spectrum.

According to Chinese tradition, each color has its meaning. White has been avoided at all times in the creation of fireworks because it associates with death. Green symbolizes the element of the Earth, blue - Tao and the path of life, and yellow - the golden mean. The most popular is red denotes imperial power, as well as beauty and happiness.

Every person associates the holiday with something cheerful, bright, and positive: gifts, costumes, flowers, decorations. And colorful fireworks perfectly complement this riot of colors and positive emotions.

There is a lot of art involved in planning a spectacular fireworks display, but there is also a lot of science. Chemical compounds ignite and burn to produce fabulous colors and exciting sounds.