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Why Are Apples Good For You

Why Are Apples Good For You

You must have often heard that an apple every day keeps doctor away. But do you know why? It is true that eating apples every day can make a difference, or can say, it makes a lot of difference.

Apples are fruits that are high in pectin which reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. Pectin is also a great help against constipation and diarrhea, it also helps in reducing your cholesterol level by 15-20%.

For those who are weight conscious, apple not only helps in digestion but also helps in reducing weight. The truth is that a high fiber intake is the key to proper weight loss. Even if you do not exercise regularly, even if you eat apples, it makes a difference.

Apples are also a good source of vitamin A, which promotes good vision. Apple also helps in protecting bones due to the presence of phlorizin and boron.

The many health benefits of apples make them the most liked all over the world.