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Why Bird Droppings Are Dangerous For A Car

Why Bird Droppings Are Dangerous For A Car

Modern cars are completely protected from corrosion - this is made possible by the unique properties of innovative paintwork. However, the danger remains that the appearance of the machine could be seriously damaged by bird droppings.

The danger of bird droppings lies in their chemical composition. It contains a lot of uric acid, which breaks down the outer skin of cars. The effect may be small, but even a small imperfection is enough to create a visible blunt stain that stands out from the shiny paint all around. We have all spent ages cleaning our cars in a beautiful mirror image, only to have all our hard work ruined by unsightly splashes of bird droppings.

Bird droppings do not cause rust in the body, but they can cause it. The best way to remove bird droppings from the car and to prevent paint damage is to act as quickly as possible. If you find it difficult to clean it with a cloth, you can try a vehicle-safe cleaning solution.

Synthetic waxes, paints, and sealants can protect your car from ultraviolet rays and minor impurities, but they are not the best for life and are not equipped against bird shit.

To avoid the constant "attack" of your car by birds, try not to park your car under trees and wires, where birds like to sit. If you do leave your car under trees, where birds often sit (especially for a long period), then it is better to cover the car with a special cover.