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Why Do A Person's Hands Swing While Walking

Why Do A Person's Hands Swing While Walking

If you focus on it, you can very easily "stop" it, but as soon as you stop looking at it, your hands will start moving again! Why so?

It would be weird if people started walking without shaking hands.

The simple answer is Biomechanics, the science of the mechanical properties of living tissues. US biomechanical engineers have discovered that waving arms is part of bipedal walking process. It's weird, but swinging the arms requires little effort from the muscles and isn't controlled by the muscles themselves. In experiments, it was found that people who had still hands put more effort into walking. In contrast, people who wave their arms walk 20% faster!

To help people deal with this strange behavior, scientists use the example of a pendulum. When your feet move, your body does the same. This movement swings your arms like a pendulum. As a result of this movement, your hands move against your will. Thus, the muscles are not tense.