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Why Do Athletes Run Anticlockwise

Why Do Athletes Run Anticlockwise

It turns out that there is no definitive answer, but a lot of theories. So, let’s begin:

# 1. 90% of the world's population have a dominant right arm/leg, so a person, moving anticlockwise, is able to better control his body and move faster, because in this direction, on bends, wider steps are taken by the right foot.

# 2. The human body is slightly heavier on the left side due to the heart, and when running anticlockwise, the body tilts very slightly to the left, which can be an advantage.

# 3. There is another physiological explanation that blood flows through the veins from left to right. The anticlockwise movement promotes faster blood movement due to the centrifugal force generated during running. Running clockwise will have the opposite effect, making it harder for blood to transport.

Circuit sports often run anti-clockwise, such as cycling, horse racing, NASCAR, and baseball. In the case of Formula 1, this is not the case (yes, they are racing clockwise), but there are spectators inside the racing ring - and for them, it is anticlockwise.