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Why Do Large Seabirds Love To Fly Behind Ships

Why Do Large Seabirds Love To Fly Behind Ships

Some seabirds like to be "accompanied" by ocean-going ships for hours and sometimes all day. In addition, the sailors noticed that the calm flying birds were slightly behind the ship in the air.

It is very interesting that for the most part birds use their wings less and fly behind the ship. For example, to hunt fish, they have to flap their wings vigorously to catch the ship.

➤ Why do birds behave so strangely?

A simple explanation is that the engines of a ship create streams of rising hot air that can perfectly keep the birds at a certain height. Cunning birds prudently and unconsciously choose a position relative to the ship and the wind, where the updrafts from the machines are greatest, which allows these birds to save their energy and travel using the ship's energy.

➤ Why do birds fly long after ships?

Ships are not the only source of unnecessary power for birds. Seabirds are known for their long flight over water as well as they fly day and night and reach speeds of 45 to 67 mph in favorable winds. In the same way, albatrosses (large seabirds) ride on the waves of the sea. Their flight take place in time with the speed of the sea waves. After reaching the maximum height, the bird starts falling down. Then the next wave picks it up and lifts it.