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Why Do Mosquitoes Need Blood

Why Do Mosquitoes Need Blood

Thanks to the "bloody diet", female mosquitoes were able to lay eggs not once in their lives but several times. It is no coincidence that only female mosquitoes have a need for blood - males are indifferent to it, they suck nectar and pollen from plants. There is almost no protein, but enough carbohydrates for energy. However, females also switch to a vegetarian diet, if there is nowhere to take blood, only in this case they cannot lay eggs.

Blood is full of proteins and amino acids that makes it the perfect supplement for developing mosquito eggs. In the mosquito world, male and female mosquitoes look the same, but males are vegetarians.

As soon as female mosquitoes get blood, they fly to a warm, humid place to rest and wait for their eggs to develop. Most female mosquitoes drink blood between early morning and sunset as they seek shelter during the hottest phase of the day. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in reservoirs, gutters, garbage, ornamental ponds, potted plants, pet dishes, and so on.

When a mosquito bites an infected person, it absorbs the disease through blood. Mosquitoes become infected with viruses and germs when bites of infected humans or animals. Some diseases are transmitted by mosquitoes because the virus is transmitted from mosquito to mosquito by the bite of an infected person or animal.

Without a microscope, it is impossible to tell the difference between a male and female mosquito.