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Why Do We Shiver After Urinating

Why Do We Shiver After Urinating

There seems to be no concrete explanation for what is known as "pee shivering" when urinating or releasing urine, and it seems to affect males more than females but there are a few theories.

The first theory is that we shake when we pee, because the hot urine coming out of the body causes a drop in body temperature, or because of exposing their private parts to cold air when a person wants to urinate. As a result of this strain, they feel cold and tremble when urinating.

Another theory states that during this activity, a nerve in the spinal cord called the autonomic nervous system (ANS), causing its muscle walls to contract and prepare to push urine out of the body. The act of peeing is controlled by the nervous system that controls involuntary things like body temperature, sweating, and shivering. This theory has more to do with the chemical changes in the body that cause the release of urine from the bladder.

We leave it to you which theory you believe. Some people don't shiver because either their ANS doesn't have that reflex, or their bodies are better at regulating temperature than us, or they simply lying that they never had a pee shiver.