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Why Does Buddha Have Big Ears

Why Does Buddha Have Big Ears

Often you have probably seen a picture of Buddha and noticed that his ears are disproportionately large. So why does Buddha have big ears?

The founder of Buddhism, who is Gautama Siddhartha, belonged to the royal family. At that time, he renounced his world of wealth and materialism, leaving behind heavy gold earrings that deformed his ears over the years to make them larger. His earlobes pulled back under the weight of the earrings he was wearing. He gave up a life of luxury to embark on the path of spiritual enlightenment.

Large ears in Eastern cultures have always symbolized qualities such as wisdom and compassion. The artists depicted the Buddha with large ears and long lobes to reflect his great wisdom and compassion towards people. Large organs of hearing could also symbolize the fact that Buddha will always hear the calls of his followers and will not deprive them of help.

It is also believed that Buddha has such big ears because he hears the vibrations of the universe. In many cultures, people believe that long ears and thick rags are auspicious because they stand for long life, happiness, health, prosperity, and positive energy.