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Why Does Slicing Onions Make You Cry

Why Does Slicing Onions Make You Cry

Onions are one of the most difficult ingredients to cut, not only because of their shape and tough composition but also because of their ability to bring water into everyone's eyes. As long as the onion is at rest and in its "clothes", it does not harm us, but why do we instantly start crying as soon as we start peeling or slicing onions.

If you ask yourself why we have decoded the scientific reason - the whole point is that onions contain special essential oils that contain a large amount of sulfur. When the onion is peeled and sliced, these essential oils mix with the surrounding air, react instantly and convert to sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid gas is released for about 30 seconds, but this is enough for that to cause tears and a running nose in everyone around.

But if you still want to protect your eyes from the powerful effect of the bow, there are three main effective ways to do this:
⚪ Firstly, before you start peeling onions, you can put them in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.
⚪ Secondly, you can clean it under running water, and
⚪ Thirdly, you can simply put on glasses. Any of these methods will save you tears when peeling an onion.