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Why Does The Skin Wrinkle In Water

Why Does The Skin Wrinkle In Water

Everyone can experience wrinkly fingers at some point in their life when they are exposed to water. There is no need to worry, and the wrinkles, usually disappear after a short time.

When hands and feet are soaked in water a wrinkle is formed on the tips of fingers and toes. This reaction is controlled by the autonomic nervous system and the formation of the skin wrinkles occurs due to the process of narrowing of blood vessels. Simple means – if the nerves or vessels are turned off, then the reaction does not occur.

This reaction is part of a complex program embedded in our DNA. The part of human skin, known as glabrous skin (hair-free skin), actually has a unique reaction to water. Sebum is found in the outmost layer of the skin which acts as a protective barrier against water evaporation. If you wash your hands or soak them with a sponge, water runs off the skin. But then, staying in water for a long time eventually wash away the sebum and the water penetrates the outer skin, causing it to swell and leaving the skin dry and swollen.

What if you reprogram your nerves to stop signaling your skin and wrinkle it? Let us know in the comments.