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Why Does The Sun Make Hair Lighter

Why Does The Sun Make Hair Lighter

In addition to tanning the skin, the sun also has a natural bleaching effect on the hair, so that you become a little lighter without having to care for your roots. The sun can lighten hair in all shades but people with lighter hair tend to get the best results.

The melanin in our hair is the polymers that give our hair skin pigmentation. They have evolved to protect our sensitive DNA from radiation by absorbing and scattering ultraviolet light. But after spending enough time in the sun, the melanin begins to degrade, and when this happens, the hair loses its pigmentation.

As you spend more time in the sun and especially during the summer season, you are more susceptible to lightning. Your hair will become lighter in summer, so be extra careful. If your hair is covered, the sun will not affect it if you wear a hat. Your new hair will be darker because it contains the right amount of melanin.

Pamper your hair with a hair mask and try to avoid straighteners and curlers to keep your hair healthy. If you have hair that looks bright in the sun, you are not in the minority.