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Why Not Wash Too Often With Shower Gel

Why Not Wash Too Often With Shower Gel

Free access to water allows you to take a shower at least several times a day. We are taught to wash regularly from childhood. Daily baths help to get rid of impurities in the body and give a feeling of freshness. It is especially pleasant to shower after a workout. Moreover, for some, a morning shower is as important a ritual as brushing your teeth or a cup of your favorite coffee.

Most often, we cleanse the skin with soap or shower gel. Shower gels usually consist of water, surfactants, and various additives such as fragrances and colors. Such products can disrupt the protective fat layer of the skin and change its acid-base balance. Because of this, irritation and a feeling of dryness appear.

In addition, such products can damage the skin microbiome. The microbiome is a collection of beneficial microorganisms that live on the surface of the skin and protects us from pathogenic bacteria to regulates the skin's reaction to ultraviolet rays.

There is no reliable evidence that showering with gel or soap is more effective than just washing with water. If you love using shower gels, choose the ones that are minimally harmful to your skin. Foams or delicate creams are perfect. The rich aromas, while pleasant to wash, can cause allergic reactions. It is better if the product is transparent - there is less chance of skin irritation. It is best to take a warm shower for no longer than 10-15 minutes.