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Why The Queen Of Great Britain Has Two Birthdays

Why The Queen Of Great Britain Has Two Birthdays

Few can afford to celebrate their birthday twice and the British monarchs have been able to do this for a long time. With Queen Elizabeth II's birthday just over a month away, many are wondering why the Queen has two parties?

Her Majesty, 95, celebrates her official birthday on the second Saturday in June with her soldiers at Trooping the Color, but her actual birthday is on April 21. She celebrates it in a peaceful family circle at Windsor Castle. It is a standard to commend the second, or official, birthday in a big way with fireworks and parades. This year it is falling on 12 June.

The tradition was laid during the reign of King George II in 1748, as his birthday was in late October, and the climate around then in England is not very good. The king then decided that it would be good to hold a second birthday celebration in summer, when it is warm, flowers are around, and birds are singing.

According to our research, from the time of George II, there were only three emperors who were not lucky with the climate on their birthdays, but fortunate to have a holiday twice: Edward VII (great-grandfather of Elizabeth II), George VI (her father) and Elizabeth II itself.

For more than 260 years of the existence of the tradition of the parade of troops, it was canceled twice. In 1955, due to the national railroad strike, the authorities felt that the crisis was not a good time to hold parades. Last year, it had to be canceled due to a strict lockdown and was replaced by "mini tropping". Authorities have supposed to think about considering a similar plan for June 12 this year.