Is it true? To be feminine is to live up to certain standards. Girls have to behave a certain way and wear some clothes. I think there are stereotypes that are linked to the existence of girls and how they behave.

Attending girls' schools focuses on the importance of female education and on women's power and success.

The lesson is that being a girl means being different and there is no right or wrong way to identify as a girl. The same kind of girl you are finds strength and comfort in who you are. Let go of the idea that everyone else is like this.

Do you agree? A girl cannot take big decisions about her life on her own. Their basic human rights are weak and there is a possibility of regression and backlash.

She is strong and curious. She is the free spirit, like all of us, who comes into the world without knowing the rules, roles, or codes that await those who define her path.

Here are some unusual facts about


# 1. Girls are very suspicious human beings

# 2. Girls like guys with a funny bone and hate guys who consistently talk big about themselves

# 3. A simple 'Howdy' can brighten a   girl's day

# 4. A girl cannot trust her lover every   time, but she will always love her reliable person

# 5. A smile means a lot to a girl

# 6. A girl cannot keep a secret for more than 47 hours

# 7. It is really difficult to trace why girls are unpredictable

# 8. Girls go through one year of their life simply in choosing what to wear

# 9. Girls hate it when you make them wait

# 10. The girl who gives you a quick "yes" is either be too impulsive

# 11. You can hook a girl by knowing her interests

# 12. Girls know how to control their feelings

# 13. Instead of a girl disclosing her emotions to a person, her favorite song would convey it better

# 14. Girls usually compete unconsciously among themselves especially when it comes to beauty

# 15. Girls spend 120 hours in a year looking at themselves in the mirror

# 16. If someone asks girls for advice, they like it very much

# 17. Never tell girls that they are of no use. They find it very bad

# 18. You should let her cool first before you say sorry, otherwise, she won't acknowledge your apology

# 19. In every 100 girls, just one would turn into the spouse of her darling, staying 99 would stay as passwords for Gmail and Facebook records of their sweethearts

# 20. Girls like folks who can protect and defend them. You don't need to be a Bruce Lee though

# 21. If a girl says "no", trust her. She wouldn't give you a no if she likes you

# 22. Girls love getting letters and surprises

# 23. When a girl is talking and if a boy says ''OK bye'', they hate him a lot

# 24. Boys love what they see, girls love what they hear. So, girls wear makeup and boys lie

# 25. Girls don’t enjoy talking dirty as many guys do

# 26. Gossiping is the most loved pastime of girls

# 27. There would be a dark secret in every girl's life which isn't imparted to her best friend

# 28. When a girl cooks for you, you mean a lot to her

# 29. Listening to "I love you" is a great expression for a girl

# 30. Girls like it when they feel extraordinary, i.e. when someone gives them more preference

# 31. Girls do not like lying by any means, especially in relationship matters

# 32. Girls are far ahead of boys in talking

# 33. If a girl is sad but isn’t crying, it means she is crying in the heart

# 34. At first look, you can’t understand the behavior of any girl

# 35. The girls keep daydreaming about their crush, but never let it be known

# 36. Girls don’t prefer to hear even a single word against their favorite person

# 37. If the boyfriend puts his hands on the waist, the girl feels very happy

# 38. A girl always remembers her first crush

# 39. Girls are so sensitive that if a boy says something extremely sentimental, then she doesn’t forget him throughout her life

# 40. A kiss on the hand with the right timing can be a real turn-on

# 41. When class pictures come out, a girl would first check who is standing next to her crush before actually looking at herself

# 42. If you don't like a girl who likes you, break it to her gently