It is easy to forget how meaningful hugs can be, but they can really deepen your connection with another person. When you get a hug from someone you hug, it can give you comfort, make you feel safe, and turn your whole day around.

Hugs are a crucial part of human development. They are beneficial not only to the human body, but also to our mental health. Hugs are more common in women than in men, and that male hugging behavior in public can be misunderstood as homosexual behavior compared to female counterparts.

If you feel a little worn out or under pressure, look for someone who you hug to make feel better. A simple hug is also an incredible way to boost your physical and emotional health.

Here are some unusual facts about


# 1. Hugging reduces anxiety

# 2. More Hugs = Low Blood Pressure

# 3. Most people lead with their right arm while going in for a hug

# 4. Did you know, people spend an hour a month hugging?

# 5. HUG stands for – Healing, Understanding and Gratitude

# 6. Hugs and touch significantly decrease stress of mortality

# 7. Hugs lift Oxytocin levels, which reduces the sentiments of loneliness and anger

# 8. Hugs releases endorphins which reduce tension and stress and gives calm

# 9. A study shows that kids who get less hugs, learn to walk and learn to speak late

# 10. Good hug could be used as a form of an expression of affection for a friend or relative

# 11. Hugging helps your connections

# 12. Hugging improves immune system

# 13. A hug in bed can treat sleep disorder

# 14. Hugging can be useful for our moods

# 15. Hugs stimulates Thymus gland, which is responsible for the creation of White Blood cells

# 16. 8 hugs a day gives a mental stability; 12 hugs a day improves mental advancement of an individual

# 17. Hugs releases the pleasure hormone

# 18. A hug can end even the biggest fights easily

# 19. Even a 10-second hug can improve your wellbeing

# 20. Well-hugged infants are less worried as grown-ups

# 21. World celebrates Hugging Day on Jan 21 every year

# 22. A hug can improve relationship by reducing the sentiments of insecurity and strengthening trust

# 23. A hug is equally beneficial for both, the one who is hugging you and the person who is being hugged