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If we look at the world and life as it exists today, there does not seem to be any real difference between the people of today and their ancestors. Humans are not, of course, limited to the lifestyle of our ancestors, which has been passed on almost unchanged for hundreds of generations. We are a hybrid of humanity that is expanding exponentially in a way that is already changing what it means to be "human".

We may have little time to figure out what it means to behave humanely, but it also means that we need to think about how we should show our humanity. It would be easier if the human species were not simply driven by the ethics of humanity. Ethical behavior is not attributed to an individual person, but to the human nature as a whole.

Normally, it is important to assign to all people a share of a particular human value, but it is not important that we all consider them equally as such. It is that a human being is more valuable than a non-human, and some of them are equally valuable.

Humanity is human behavior that cares about other people, in accordance with the common belief that life is better than death and that a good life means being treated humanely in a relationship of mutual respect. Morality, then, consists of the ability to judge human action as right or wrong, and thus of the moral sense that is biologically determined.

Here are some unusual facts about

Human Being

# 1.

You will be taller in the morning

# 3.

You can produce enough saliva to fill two bathtubs a year

# 5.

Our nose and ears grow constantly

# 7.

Human are the only creatures with jawline

# 9.

The human body contains enough fat to make 7 bars of soap

# 11.

About 66% of people tilt their head to the right when kissing

# 13.

Pregnancy brain is genuine– Women brain shrink during pregnancy

# 15.

The cornea is the only part of the body with no blood supply– it gets oxygen directly from air

# 17.

Our eyes remain the same size as they were during birth

# 19.

At birth, kid’s body is comprised of around 300 bones

# 21.

Tongue prints are as extraordinary as fingerprints

# 23.

When you blush, your stomach also turns red

# 2.

Your veins could circle the globe

# 4.

The highest recorded fever ever was 115 degrees Fahrenheit

# 6.

Women heartbeat quicker than men

# 8.

Heart can beat outside of their body

# 10.

While awake, your brain delivers enough electricity to light a bulb

# 12.

Your strongest and longest bone is your femur i.e. thigh bone

# 14.

Scientists aren't exactly sure why we yawn, but it might help control body temperature

# 16.

In extreme starvation, the cerebrum will start to eat itself

# 18.

Belly button develop extraordinary hairs to catch lint

# 20.

¼ bones are in your feet i.e. 26 bones in each foot

# 22.

The foot is one of the most ticklish part of the body

# 24.

Bones are about 5 times tougher than steel

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