You may have heard the term "crocodile tears" used to describe someone who is a false guard, but did you know that crocodiles do cry?

Tears stream for 3 reasons:
Basal tears – clean and grease up your eyes
Reflex tears – when your eyes are bothered by things like onions or dust
Emotional tears – requires no explanation!

Humans are the only species that produces emotional tears, and we produce tears when we feel an emotion strongly. Basal reflex tears are important to help us see clearly and maintain the health of our eyes.

Do you know emotional tears may contain more proteins than other tears? Studies shown that tears have a positive effect on blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar levels.

When you cry, your nose runs too; it stops you from simply shedding tears. You might notice or hear that some people cry in public while others cry in the washroom. Crying heavily has many different health benefits, which may lead some to argue that crying more often is better.

Here are some unusual facts about


# 1. Elephants crying in pain

# 2. Sleep crying is genuine / real

# 3. Tears are intended to deplete down your nose and throat

# 4. Babies don't produce tears when they cry

# 5. Emotional tears may really care about you

# 6. A "great" cry may truly give mental relief

# 7. Man get turned off when a woman cry

# 8. It's completely normal to cry after sex

# 9. We produce less tears as we get older

# 10. Need to drive a hard deal? Begin crying

# 11. Tears assist you with seeing better

# 12. A lack of tears can harm your eyes

# 13. An "awful" cry make you feel worse

# 14. Tears are salty – contains salt ions

# 15. Women cry more than men do

# 16. They have same composition as saliva - contains metabolites, enzymes, electrolytes and lipids

# 17. Pseudobulbar influence (PBA) is a condition that can cause wild tears

# 18. Animals shed tears; however, feelings have nothing to do with it

# 19. Your tears encompass messages that can be picked by others

# 20. Infants figure out how to cry contrastingly in various cultures

# 21. Your watery eyes could be an indication of dry eye disorder

# 22. An annoying gas is the explanation onions make you cry

# 23. Each tear has three layers - inward bodily fluid layer, watery center layer & external sleek layer