3 Kinds Of Souls

On our journey, we meet many kinds of souls from all walks of life who help us in this world. It doesn't matter what kind of relationship you have with these people; they all have a unique purpose. Some of the people you meet may seem to harm or help you, but they serve a vital purpose and teach you important lessons from your life that you can use on your soul journey on earth.

3 Kinds Of Souls

Roughly speaking, I categories into three types: those that make things happen, those who watch them, and those who simply wonder what is happening.

➤ Dreamer.

The dreamer often notices things that you cannot see. This person will motivate and inspire you. Your current tasks may seem insurmountable to you, but just one conversation with the dreamer, and you will be ready for hours to generate new ideas. Getting to know the Dreamer is easy. He constantly meets new people, works on interesting projects, and tries to promote and implement his ideas. Such a person can speak in public, actively ask interesting questions and simply cause a surge of energy after communicating with him.

➤ Realist.

He will not allow you to hang in the clouds and will create a certain balance with the Dreamer. A realist will help you organize your thoughts. However, he is not at all a pessimist. A true realist will show you the way to solve problems and will not let you give up. The realist will want you to have the right tools to succeed. To find a realist in your environment, observe people who are actively moving up the career ladder by getting promotions. They know exactly what needs to be done to be successful in their profession.

➤ Connector.

This is someone who can confidently maintain a working relationship outside the social network. Connectors can be leaders in their profession or simply famous in certain circles. Their main trump card is that they really help the right people find each other. Their motto is: "Nobody knows everything, but everyone knows at least something." A connector may not always help you, but it will always move you in the right direction and to the right person. A connector can be a woman who has connections in different fields of activity, and a man who is an opinion leader in social networks. To find a Connector, take a closer look at those people who have a very busy schedule and every day of the calendar is scheduled down to the details. But don't worry - Connector will definitely put you on its schedule.

When you see these people, they are the ones that greet you with a smile and are excited to live their dreams. If you offer to give something of great success that you have achieved, these types of people will become your largest group of friends.

The more you define the type of person you are, the deeper you stand. Think about how you can choose a time in your life to focus on the source of humanity in the world.

Image by Dev Asangbam

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