5 Golden Rules

Everyone knows that a comfortable home environment can greatly slow down work processes. Tea parties, pets, children, a soft couch and Netflix etc. things pull the covers over themselves, tempting them into delightful procrastination.

Simplicity is the key to increasing your productivity and it is better if it is as simple as possible. We are all surrounded by so much complexities that it becomes difficult to keep everything under control and most difficult to focus on tomorrow. This applies to both professional as well as personal life.

5 Golden Rules

We share important rules to stay productive:

➤ Organize Your Work Area
Make yourself a homey, well-lit micro-office space where you will do your work. Not a kitchen table or an armchair in front of the TV, but a place where you will feel not only comfortable, but also collected. It's a fine line: you should be comfortable, but not so relaxed.

➤ Minimize Distractions
If you work on a computer, all the temptations are still in front of you. It's easier to fall into the trap of Facebook and Instagram. What can be done? Turn off social media notifications, close all non-working apps and websites. Go there only during breaks. You can also create a browser for business use only then all the bookmarks and tabs that you see will be associated only with work.

➤ Keep Your Home Clean
It's not just noise that can be distracting, but a sink full of dirty dishes or a dusty floor. First you want to pull out the vacuum cleaner, and only then turn on the computer. Set aside time before or after work hours to do housework. By the way, cleaning up after work can be a great way to relieve stress.

➤ Take Care Of Yourself
Take a shower, exercise, go to the park if you can leave the house. Don't trade a full meal for snacks. Some may find it helpful to even dress as if they were going to the office. You don't have to dress up in the best suit, but you should definitely get out of your pajamas more often. The way we dress also affects our composure and performance.

➤ Relieve Stress
Those who work from home sometimes have the feeling that they are at work all the time. Therefore, be sure to keep a source of stress relief nearby. One of the universal ways to relieve stress is sports. Work out using fitness apps, watch workouts on YouTube, arrange Skype workouts with a personal trainer, stay in the bar between work.

And don't forget that the best stress reliever is love, in all its forms. No wonder sociologists are predicting an increase in the birth rate during this pandemic.

Image by Dev Asangbam

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