Ability To Think

Human thought can generally be divided into two modes - visual and verbal. Visual method as images or pictures and verbal method as words or text.

In any case, question is - are the two always independent? Can we use one without imagining the other?

Most people think in words and me too because I think life can be very easy.

Ability To Think

Sometimes words turned out to be more complex if they are getting more conceptual. Picture thinkers think in pictures, no need to translate them.

When you think of India Gate, do we think of the words or have a picture in your mind.

➤ Picture Thinkers Are Right-Brainers.

Each side of the mind controls two types of thinking patterns. The main difference between the left and right brain is that the former focuses on language, while the latter relies on visuals to represent everything and interestingly both running parallel.

We allow one part to dominate the other in order to choose a certain way of thinking. Don't forget to try it out with your friends and find out which side of the brain dominates their thinking patterns.

➤ Visual Image Has Power.

There is an old saying, that “A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS”, you may wonder what that actually means, but often photos or images are able to capture beyond just words. An image can convey an idea or emotion that lasts much longer than a word on a page. So, when image is paired with words why can't it speak for itself?

➤ Text Without Visuals Would Be Useless.

When trying to convey complex information, visuals can help audience understand concepts much faster than words and text. This allows the listener to view a problem in a new way. Text without visuals would be either too difficult to read or boring. Photos or images can capture emotions that words cannot capture, no matter how skillfully they are used.

We have already seen that words and images can be thrown together in many ways to produce an effective message.

◙ Do you agree that people misinterpret words more than pictures?
◙ Do you think that mood disorder can be lifted when we see a picture of loved ones or favorite spot or place where we want to visit?

It is so fascinating that people think in pictures and cannot imagine anything. Is there a fellow around you who thinks in Pictures? Both the words and the pictures are existing. Both are very real and very much a part of every human being. But if you had a choice, what would you choose?

Image by Dev Asangbam

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