Are You Searching For LOVE

Love is a battle in which there are either 2 winners or none. Discard the fairy tale. This is not reality.

Relationships are great. Two people share a deep bond that is pure, tender, and authentic. Therefore, if you are single and want a relationship, then there is nothing wrong with that. It all depends on the reason you are looking for a relationship. Many people enter into a relationship for unjustified reasons, and in the end, it all ends in disaster.

Are You Searching For LOVE

➤ Work On Yourself. Invest In Yourself.

Find a person with whom you can laugh in your difficult times. This does not mean that you need a partner who is not serious about life.

Remember that you want to be in a relationship with someone who leads a happy life and does not make your life worse. If someone asks you what you are looking for in a relationship, a good answer would be to say you are simply looking for something to feel comfortable with without making any demands.

When we are looking for a partner, it is tempting to look for attractive or better people, but more important is a person who makes you feel good, and who does not jump out of the boat when the water gets rougher.

➤ For Real Intimacy, You Must First Feel Love.

No one really knows what to believe, but we are in an age where we are constantly searching the internet to know what love is. Love gives us the energy to construct and record a good story. Love is cultivated when two people approach each other over time, get to know each other and experience many ups and downs in life.

➤ Finding The Right Person Is The Beginning Of A Journey, Not The End.

Too many unrealistic expectations like how a person should look and behave during a relationship or what roles should a partner perform may make a partner appear inadequate and a new relationship feels disappointing. You may want a relationship from the start that differs from what you and your partner want a few months or years later.

Dating can help refine your to-do list before you make a serious commitment but understanding your requirements for a relationship can be harmful.

To understand what you want from a relationship, you need to understand yourself, not just who you are, but also why you are there and what you can do to get to where you want to be.

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