COVID-19 In The City

During this coronavirus pandemic, what is missing most these days, apart from social isolation? Here are few things I took for granted that I never saw coming:

I know that some of the things I have been waiting unexpectedly might not return, but it forced me to go back and look at old pictures of places I had visited with my family. Even if I don't have to miss things forever, it's worth missing them for a while.

What did you take most during the pandemic and what do you wish for now?

COVID-19 In The City

Being quarantined at home really helped me think about things I hadn't thought about before. Being at home has made me appreciate things that I take for granted and think I can appreciate now. Maybe it came from me, or maybe something was taught to me when it was all over, I don't know.

There are obvious joys that I miss, but there are others I haven’t even realized yet, and the pandemic has forced me to focus on planning moments of happiness that I can look forward to. But there are other things I haven't even noticed that I love them. I miss going to parties, being with friends or at least forgetting that people are able to collectively celebrate our shared love for someone.

Surprisingly, I also started remembering things I never thought I’d miss, like my roommates who don't keep my rubbish with them. I also miss spending time with my classes and friends in the school grounds and having fun with friends during the school break. Apart from that, I really miss the special spring rolls, samosas, cheese sandwiches that I get on Tuesdays in the canteen.

I have not been able to meet relatives and friends and see them in person. I remember that when I was out and I felt hungry, I would not hesitate to go to my relatives' house.

Ever since COVID-19 has come, so many big events have been lost, weddings canceled, funerals forgotten, family celebrations postponed, half marathons cut, festivals celebration missed and much more.

I can’t wait until I can do all of these things. Whether it's a cup of coffee, a walk, a conversation with a friendly dog owner, or a meal with a friend, everyday life feels like a luxury that people desperately want back.

Finally, I need to get all of you vaccinated as when available at your city, and it’s your turn to find opportunities to help your family, friends and neighbors get vaccinated.

Image by Dev Asangbam

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