Emotional Sponge

Being sensitive is a special gift but being oversensitive can be a terrible burden if not taken care of in time.

Can you always easily be offended by anything? Do you absorb other’s emotions? Are you taking everything too personally? Do you think people are quietly discussing or laughing at you? and many more.

The emotionally sensitive people enjoy the world through an emotional lens because it makes them feel more alive and gives it a deeper meaning.

Emotional Sponge

➤ Not As Scary As You Think.

Being sensitive means that you can be more sensitive to everything that surrounds you and interacts with you. You feel things on a deeper level. You cry when you see a heart touching video, and feel empowered by the feelings of others, both negative and positive.

Too much sensitivity can stop you from pursuing your goals and passions in life, and it also prevents you from being yourself because you are so concerned about what others think of you and how they will judge you.

➤ Trigger Emotions.

Sensitive people are prone to stress and social comparison. However, sensitive people can benefit from finding ways to deal with the stress they are exposed to.

Although I am not an expert in navigating life but as an emotionally sensitive person, I know that I have gone far ahead in all these years. I have learned to take good care of myself, to respect my needs and to worry less about what others think about me. I also had to accept that a lot of people don't think or act the way I do, and I have to take care of those things.

➤ Express Your Feelings.

There are some important things you need to change in your life in order to be sensitive and happy at the same time and it isn’t hard.

◙ Start by taking responsibility for your mental health.
◙ Eat well, exercise, meditate, walk in nature and plan your time.
◙ Not all your feelings are your own feelings. Don't react or absorb other people's problems.

Sensitivity is a great gift, so don't be afraid of it. Do not use your sensitivity to torture yourself. Use your trait to change your world!

Image by Dev Asangbam

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