Eyes Talk

The idea Eyes Are The Window To The Soul is that one can understand a person's emotions and thoughts simply by looking into their eyes. It is so overused in advertising and in everyday speech that it loses all meaning.

The first step to knowing what someone thinks is to look them in the eye. A person remembers what they see when their eyes move. Our eye movements reveal what our mind is focused on and tell someone what we remember: what we saw, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched.

Eyes Talk

➤ A Sign Of Attraction.

Eye contact is an important element of flirting. It also creates a strong emotion in social conversations. With colleagues, friends and romantic partners, eye contact can say a lot about you and your relationship with the other person.

Eye to eye connection can help establish intimacy and foster trust, which is a key facet of a healthy relationship and can occur at any time. This involves sitting near your partner (of course) in a comfortable place, setting a timer for a certain time (five to ten minutes) and staring into the other's eyes all the time.

On the contrary, avoidance of eye contact can indicate that there is a lie that you are hiding - which is never a good sign in a relationship. Several seconds of eye contact can help couples to open to each other and begin the journey to new and renewed intimacy in their relationship.

If you want people to remember what you said and what you talked about, keep good eye contact.

➤ We Cannot Trust Our Eyes. Isn't That Right?

The realization of your own limitations is scary. We literally cannot believe in our own eyes - they only notice what the brain wants to find. Our idea of the world around us is a mixture of harsh reality and pleasant illusions. It is impossible to separate one from the other. Our understanding of reality is always distorted, even if it looks believable.

One of the great benefits of growing old is the attitude we get when we look at life with the eyes of our heart. Humans may be fooled by magic tricks, but their eyes can also see through the illusion.

When people are happy, we can say that their eyes are glowing with emotion, which raises eyebrows and makes their eyes appear larger and brighter. When people are sad or worried, eyebrows make their eyes appear smaller. We can also distinguish between a real smile and a false one by looking into a person's eyes. When the eyes speak, it shouldn't be surprising that it says a lot about you as a person.

Do you agree that your eyes are the mirror of your soul?

Image by Dev Asangbam

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