Happiness Is Not Enough

We often hear that we must make decisions based on what is supposed to make us "happy". But if we really do this, will it make our life better? Not at all necessary.

Knowing that meaningfulness is derived from three different areas – coherence, purpose, and meaning.
Purpose and happiness are different concepts, but the sense of meaning in your life is a key factor in obtaining happiness.

Happiness Is Not Enough

Self-reflection is a good way to discover yourself. The feeling of doing something with real purpose and meaning is most important that makes a huge difference in your life. Finding your purpose in life can be a daunting task, and I have heard of ideas, but I have no idea how to begin.

Make it an opportunity to discover a meaning in our lives that is fun and interesting, not a chore. In the years to come, I will be one of the opportunities that will lead me to discover my true purpose in life and inspire and empower people to live in love and joy their highest vision. To be clear, this purpose is consistent with every single behavior and goal I have for myself.

Modern life has a way of distracting people from their real goals. Some people feel that they have no sense of direction and that is because they do not know what is important to them or because they do not know what their values are.

Many people are looking for a job to fulfill their purpose in life. It's something we all talk about, seeking and looking for, but in our world, the life projects featuring multiple careers and a fluid world, a sense of reason can be mysterious. You don't have to choose between prosperity and a meaningful life.

Elon Musk's "Purpose in Life" was conceived as a futuristic idea, but your goal is to give your family and children a good life.

If you feel that you have not found the purpose of your life, it means that you have to try something new that provokes your interest. Happiness is unique to each individual, and the meaning of life varies from person to person.

There is little doubt at this point that helping others is linked to a more meaningful and purposeful life. Gratitude and selflessness seem to work together to create meaning and purpose. You can't just copy and paste someone who has no sense of life and expect to be happy to do the same.

Ask simple questions and lead your life:
① What is the real purpose of life?
② How do I find my passion?
③ What makes life meaningful?
④ How do I know what I am good at?
⑤ Which life do I want?

Everything you've had will make you feel how powerful the meaningfulness is. Happiness comes and goes. But even when life is good and when it is bad, the meaning of life gives you stability – something that you can grasp with both hands.

Image by Dev Asangbam

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