Human - A Battle Between Good And Bad

It is something very similar for most people: they don't misuse, they don't offend others, and they certainly do not take free rides on trains and buses. Standards violations are common in the media, and people do what they do by nature. People donate money to noble causes, including many anonymous donations that hardly escape anyone.

The conclusion is clear: there is tremendous goodness in people. Humanity's wickedness occurs in groups of people.

Human - A Battle Between Good And Bad

You believe it or not, but the question is whether it is possible to use our best qualities in modern social and economic circumstances.

➤ My Enemy Is Within Me.

Most of us would agree that, while there are factors beyond our control, we all have the ability to make decisions of our own free will, including our anger, fear, and hatred. We are born into the world with the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

In a way, it makes sense, because it is a result of the expectations of infants and their pre-cultural brains on how people should behave.

➤ Right Vs. Wrong.

People attach great importance to bad and good things in psychological equality. Negative events affect us more than positive. Goodbye mishaps, poor upbringing, financial losses, and random derogatory comments occupy our psychological space, leaving little room for compliments and pleasant experiences. When we remember negative events, they play a major role in shaping our lives.

The effect of negativity is constantly being used for bad purposes. Study shows that it is a way to get people's attention.

The straightforward truth is that we all have destructive abilities. When we speak of our potential for good, we do not come empty handed in this world. We are opposed to doing good and being good.

Good and bad are two sides of the same coin. The struggle between good and bad is more than just violence. It also creates a sense of moral superiority that divides people.

If you are in a dispute with those close to you, you may find that you are focusing on their mistakes instead of acknowledging good things.

The battle between good and bad is, of course, still going on.

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