Let Us Be Honest

Whether we sing, pray, serve in the sanctuary, or spend our lives at home, busy working, loving God is a natural extension of what our identity is. Music can create love, but music is not the core of worship; It is an expression. Do not watch music to inspire your worship.

True worship is a matter of the heart and should be expressed through a lifestyle of purity. We can’t see the essence of God, but we understand him and recognize his power. To worship God means to see him clearly.

Let Us Be Honest

➤ Worship With Human Rules.

I realize that religion teaches people to do something right, even if they do not follow the words of God or do it in a human way. Instead of worshiping God in spirit and truth, they began to follow only human rules that are outward and result in a useless worship.

As a follower of God, we should worship through soul. Many people talk about traditions and by doing so, they judge others. Let us be careful not to be a victim of human rules. When we worship in full spirit and truth, God will thoroughly enjoy our love.

➤ Real Emotions Towards God.

I am concerned that emotions like anger can lead us away from God. When someone starts expressing negative sentiments, we also start talking with the same sentiments.

When we acknowledge that we are angry with God, we can express our anger in many ways. We can handle anger against God and express it in sincere prayer. Everyone can get angry, but instead of being evil to him, we should turn to God for help.

On the other hand, many people are positive towards God even in the face of tragedy, because they see God as fundamentally good. Those who are angry with God should also know that they are not alone in this bad time and many more people experience such struggles and yet all these people believe in God, love and respect.

We should recall that God inspires all feelings and gives us an opportunity to express grief and laugh. The basic requirement of the human soul is faith, because man is made to believe in God.

Are you from those who always ask for something from God in prayer?
Is it true that you are from those who always consider God answerable for all their problems?

You should always remember that if too many words mean nothing, then you are praying wrongly.

Image by Dev Asangbam

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