Love Quarantine

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There are a few simple things you can do for your partner that can have a positive impact on your relationship, even if you isolate yourself. In public, one can practice social distancing by staying at least six meters away from others. These measures have been shown to reduce the spread of the virus, but it can be difficult to stay away from loved ones.

Love Quarantine

It is important to maintain relationships through home, even if you do not see your loved one’s face to face. I've put together the final list to get you through the next couple of weeks:

# 1. Confess how you feel when you are away from loved ones for a little reassurance, list your best memories, create an adventure list, and long-winded sensory experiences of your self-isolation.

# 2. Take advantage of the opportunities that quarantine has given you. For example, think about your shared goals and desires, and then decide what needs to be done to achieve them.

# 3. You can have a cozy date night, play board games, solve puzzles or turn on Netflix in the background while you connect.

# 4. If you are in a committed relationship, you may be in a long-distance relationship. Indulge in the romance of a long-distance relationship by sending them love letters, gifts and meaningful messages. It is a very sweet and romantic gesture.

# 5. You can also emotionally unite with your partner by watching a movie together. Choose a movie or TV show that you both like, order delicious food delivered to your door, leave all other thoughts behind and enjoy watching.

# 6. Have you ever thought about the fact that together with your partner you can not only have fun, but also develop? This is especially important for young and ambitious couples. Think and discuss what would be interesting for both of you to learn.

# 7. If you live in a city that is in a state of lockdown, it's likely you haven't had a dinner date for a while. If it feels like your life has become a work or a TV nail, maybe it's time to bring back date night at home or in a backyard.

# 8. Spa at home! Apply face mask one by one. Take your favorite oil and massage each other. Bubble bath. Uh yes, for real.

# 9. Couples training together can sometimes be much more effective than family therapy. Fitness at home, jogging outside, walking, or exercising in a nearby park are the best options to relieve.

# 10. Even though all entertainment venues are closed now, that doesn't mean you can't have the perfect date together. Turn off your phones, forget about problems and the coronavirus, and together cook your favorite meals and enjoy the evening.

# 11. Gather all your loved ones - just not live, but online, for example, in Zoom or Google Meet. It is extremely important to communicate with them.

# 12. When your loved one is living in different city. You can safely send a courier his/her favorite food, pizza, or any other goodies. And your soul mate will definitely like it.

# 13. You can dedicate to him / her your own fictional song, poem, dance, painting, whatever. It doesn't matter if it is done beautifully, in any case it will be the moment when you can impress your loved one.

# 14. Also, value your partner, respect their space, and remember that adhering to personal boundaries is the key to a healthy relationship.

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