Past Mist

I got really mean and selfish over the years and it's all my fault. My eating disorder is blamed on me, my work has impacted, my relationships are on the wrong track. Everything turns out badly. I have no problem forgiving those who hurt me, but I can’t forgive myself for the bad things I have done.

Step back and look for guilt - inspiring moments and recall that everyone makes mistakes and that you, too, deserve to be forgiven. If you live in the past and don't move forward, your life is destroyed and it's not worth it.

Past Mist

➤ Keep The Knowledge, Treasure It.

It can be difficult to forgive yourself for many reasons, and therefore it harms not only yourself, but also your family, friends, and even the people around you.

You have no control over what has happened in the past, but you can prevent it from controlling your present and future. If you keep thinking about how you forgot your past mistakes, these thoughts can destroy your positive energy and make it harder to move on.

Take energy from your mistakes and get rid of the fear of making mistakes in your life again.

➤ Can't Solve It Alone.

Change your mind-set and shift the focus away from the past and into the future.

Set goals to pave the way to a better future, rather than regret what has happened. Accept the fact that we all make mistakes at some time. We should always respect our mistakes and consider it as one of the greatest teachers of our lives.

When negative emotions become overwhelming, seeking professional help can boost the healing process by helping you to overcome painful memories.

➤ Possible Opportunity.

Mistakes become very expensive and painful when people refuse to believe that they have made a bad choice or decision. Progress will not be straight forward, but the mistakes you make along the way will help you get where you want to go.

Work hard to understand your mistakes so that you can make fun of them and not want to kill yourself or others who make fun of them.

While starting a business, new entrepreneurs forget that they should pay attention to their promises and not the kind of offers that brings more business.

Learning from mistakes is an essential skill that allows you to move forward, stay positive, and develop the ability to be a master of change rather than a victim of it.

Just remember one thing that if you don't make mistakes, you don't take risks and that could mean you don't make progress. Take a minute and think back to the last mistake you did and share your learning with us.

Image by Dev Asangbam

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