Quarantine Fun

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There is no parent in the world who would not once faced with the question: what should a child do at home? We all have limited space in an apartment or house. Therefore, with a little effort you can do fun things at home that help time pass and create wonderful memories. And you can do physical education at home not only with children, but also with the whole family.

Quarantine Fun

This list will help give ideas on how to keep children entertained, safe and continue learning at home:

# 1. It is important during this time to teach the children how to wash their hands so that it does not have to be a chore and can be fun, such as playing with water or having a bubble party in the bathroom.

# 2. A great time to teach your baby to exercise in the morning. Play your favorite fun song or video with simple exercises and start building a healthy habit.

# 3. During physical distance and self-isolation, a regular family meal is the perfect time to talk to each other. Conversation with children is a way to promote the well-being of the family during this time.

# 4. Help your children stay connected by writing letters or postcards to friends. Your child can write about how they miss certain people, places, or events in order to cope. They can try video chats or social media to stay in touch.

# 5. You can turn backyard into a fun and exciting game for children of all ages. Treasure hunts are a great way to stop some of your children getting bored when they're stuck at home alone.

# 6. Letting your kids help in the kitchen is a great way to get them excited. Make sure you give them independence by pouring them ingredients in and letting the mixture stir so they stay busy and want more.

# 7. You can let the child pick what he wants to grow, and he can keep track of his own plants. Take a look at the flowers, fruits and vegetables that are growing, and they will be able to check them every week to see growth and development.

# 8. If you have skills in at least one of these types of needlework - Sewing, knitting, embroidery, it's time to transfer knowledge to your child. From small pieces of fabric, beads and buttons, you can create a whole collection of unusual clothes for dolls.

# 9. Never underestimate the power of colored pens, crayons and paint to keep a child occupied for long periods of time. Even if your children are not artistic, providing a selection of fresh, new artworks can stimulate creativity. Promoting interest in colors and shapes is one of the most fun activities you can do at home.

# 10. Children can take responsibility for play activities that impart useful skills such as creative problem solving, etc. who play together will discover and exploring their opinions, thoughts and confidence.

# 11. One of the most pleasant childhood memories has always been the construction of forts or "tents". All you need to do is put together a few chairs, use removable sofa backs, a blanket or two, and you're done.

# 12. Reading fairy tales every day for children is also very important, stories aloud influence their development of imagination.

No matter how much quarantine worries us, let's not forget that necessity is the mother of invention - and difficult times very often bring the best solutions to life.

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