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Most people don't think about what happens when they're in love, after all, Cupid doesn't shoot an arrow in the brain. When we think about love, the heart may be the first organ that comes to mind, but don't think that it's an interesting piece of information to keep your mind entertained.

The Amazing Connect

A weekly phone call with your mom can give you insight into your relationship, a friend can tell you what to do, but love and partnership are all about timing.

Should you choose the one who makes your heart sing, or should you just put your feelings aside and stay in a secure relationship? It is true to say that when we spend time with the person, see him in the room or hear his name with the person we love, we feel excited. This change in the brain triggered by love that affect our mood and behavior.

➤ The Language Of Heart And Mind.

When a person speaks his or her mother tongue, a direct connection is established between heart and mind. Mother tongue has played an important role in shaping our thinking, emotions, and spiritual world, as we have spent most of our lives in its imprint from childhood to adulthood.

Many of us think that we are great because we speak English, we are proud when we talk to someone in English while we should give our native language as much respect as we do to any other language.

Certainly, the mother tongue is one of the most precious treasures of life. Every language spoken in the world represents a different kind of tone, a language of the heart, mind, and spirit.

Have you ever wondered why we behave in a certain way with love and why it is so different from it in other situations?

➤ Love Is Hard To Define.

Some call it LOVE, some call it FASCINATION, and some call it ATTRACTION.

Of course, everything starts in the brain, even how quickly we fall in love, but where do the emotions we feel come from? The mind takes on the role of the logical human and helps you decide. On the other hand, the heart is often guided by emotions which can make clear decisions difficult.

Choosing a romantic partner is a decision that is best made with the heart. Whether it's buying a home or taking a new job, people are more likely to follow their brain.

When we think of romantic love, many of us think of sexual desire. If you break up with someone you are really in love with, your love may change over the years, but if you are still friends with the person, there is a chance that one of you will try to revive what was once considered dead.

Do you agree that when we take a decision by shared understanding of both heart and mind, they are right?

Image by Dev Asangbam

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